Meet The Team

Haley Herold Espino

Haley is a former spokesperson, model and beauty queen who held the title of Miss Nebraska USA and participated in Miss USA 2011. She was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and has a degree in Communications with an emphasis in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Nebraska- Omaha where she was also a Division 1 cheerleader. After the Miss USA pageant Haley continued her modeling career in the US as well as internationally including Panama. She has lived in Panama since 2014 and has worked as an independent sales consultant working with the top real estate developers throughout the Americas, with over two years of experience helping hundreds of people purchase property overseas. She is married to former professional baseball player and Panama National Team catcher Damaso Espino and they reside in Panama City, Panama with their two daughters Ximena and Analia. 

Dominic Moran

British born Dominic is the founder of Panama 4 Real and has been in Panama since 2015 when he first visited working on a tourism project and never really left.

Since then he has formed a highly successful photographic and video production company in the region with Panama as it’s base.

His main claim to fame is that he is “The Google Guy” as he and his team mapped Panama for Google Street View, Google Maps and Google Earth.

Panama had never been mapped before but now Dominic has mapped all of the main cities and towns and covered over 5,000 kilometers of roads and highways.

Panama now receives 1.5 Million views a week from google Street View alone.

He has personally travelled to every corner of the country so has unparalleled knowledge of this beautiful country.

Gerry Dowden

Gerry Dowden, who was working as a Broker/Trader in marine fuels came to Panama in 1993 to look at forming a company in Panama for the group he was working for at the time. As a result, a broking/trading, local supply, trucking, and ship owning companies were formed. On the takeover of the London company and the closure of the local operations Gerry took the position of General Manager of Chemoil Latin America in Panama. He was also involved in assisting businesses that were looking at operating in Panama and locating staff here.

When the US Southern Command left Panama in 2000, who up until then would broadcast English language Radio and TV into the Republic there was a void created, which Gerry and a partner would look to fill by producing their own programming. Thus the Panama Broadcasting Corp was formed, who eventually would link up with Grupo Grada’s Cool FM station and started broadcasting the only live English language program which is still going which is now nearly 14 years ago The Breakfast Show.”